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Towbar And Trailer Centre Trailer Hire T & C's
  1. Lesser hereby rent to hirer(s) and hirer takes on rental the trailer said overleaf subject to the
      Terms and conditions of this agreement.
  1. Trailer must not be used :-
    1. For any illegal purpose
    2. By any person without a valid driving license to tow
    3. By any person not covered by motor insurance
    4. By any vehicle without a current MOT certificate when applicable
  1. Hirer expressly acknowledges personal liability to pay the lessee on demand
    1. All fines and court costs for parking or other offences in relation to the trailer by hirer from commencement of this agreement
    2. Any costs to repair collision or damages to the trailer.
  1. Hirer must inform the lessee within 48hrs excluding public holidays of any loss, damage occurring to the trailer, any fault which makes the trailer un-roadworthy or liable cause danger to any person using the trailer or property until such danger or fault has been repaired or corrected. Authorization for expenditure in excess of ten pounds must be obtained from the lessee prior to commencement of the repair
  1. If the hired trailer is not returned within the agreed contract time we reserve the right to take payment for the extra duration of hire from the credit card information that we hold on record until the trailer is returned. This will be the difference between the agreed fee and the additional daily charge. If the trailer is not returned we reserve the right to take full payment from the credit card details for the full price of a replacement trailer.
  1. The lessee shall not be liable for loss or damage to any goods or property left stored or transported by hirer during the commencement and casement or hire contract
  1. Hirer shall not sell or offer for sale, assign, or pledge the trailer or any parts, in any manner
Inconsistent with the lessee’s ownership.
  1. The Lessee has maintained trailer to recommended standards and warranted the trailer as roadworthy and suitable for the purpose of renting at the commencement of the rental but the lessee shall not be liable for defects of failures which are not attributed to any breach of this agreement
  1. Hirer must take the responsibility for making sure his/her insurance policy covers any damage or loss to themselves during the hire of the trailer
  1. Hirer shall be responsible for liability arising out of the use of the trailer
  1. It is the responsibility of the hirer to insure the trailer on a new for old basis
  1. All insurance is now mandatory and is inclusive in the hire prices quoted.

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