Cycle Carriers

There comes a time in every cyclist’s life when it simply won’t do to stroll out of your front door, sit upon your saddle, and ride on out. At some point you’re going to want to head a little further afield and if you don’t have space in the boot, you’ll be looking to invest in a cycle carrier.

In effect there are three main types of carrier: the rear door cycle carrier which clips around your boot lid and rests on the rear of your car, the roof rack which attaches to roof bars of your vehicle, and the towbar mounted cycle carrier which can either fit on the towbar or towball. All products are passed through vigorous quality and testing conditions.

Finally, your last consideration has to be how many bikes you are planning to transport with you. Roof racks are great for quickly loading one or two bikes or, if your roof is large enough, you can transport up to four cycles. As they can be a difficult to reach and if you’re challenged with height, towbar mounted and rear door mounted cycle carriers are your answer.

Roof Systems
NTTA Quality Secured

We are NTTA Approved, this means:

  • QS Members are trained to the highest standards and are assessed yearly in accordance with the NTTA QS Code of Practice.
  • All Members are fully insured and will have Public Liability insurance.
  • Warranties are provided with every towbar fit; with one year being the minimum.
  • QS Members have all undergone training on vehicle coding and have the correct machinery to safely undertake the work.

Member Promoting excellence in towbar installation trailer/caravan servicing and maintenance. The QS Scheme is recognised by over a million members of the public and is recommended and endorsed by the Automobile Association (AA), The Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club. A fundamental requirement for Quality Secured is to ensure that its members are rigorously monitored and in dependently audited on an annual basis to retain their accreditation. The NTTA’s priority is to ensure the safety of the towing community and recommends people use qualified professionals who have the QS accreditation to provide this vital service.