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At Towing Centres UK Ltd we understand that before you fit a towbar you may have a few questions which will influence your decision. You may require information to find which is the best towbar to suit your needs. With that said, we have put together a list of the top frequently asked questions you may have before getting a towbar fitted. If you cannot find your answer on the FAQ's page, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

1. Will my vehicle bumper need cutting?

It has become more popular for towbars to require a bumper cut. Most towbars have to fit to the vehicle manufactures specified towbar mounting points and with modern bumpers stretching underneath the vehicle many bumper cuts are required. However many are "non-visible" bumper cuts. You can find out if your bumper requires a cut by downloading the fitting instructions on the towbar product page. Alternatively, please call us today and we will provide you with this information.

Vehicle Bumper Cut

2. Can I fit my towbar from my old car to my new one?

Unfortunately not, unless your new car is the same make and model of your old car. You would also need to ensure your towbar is Type Approved (so it can be legally used and is of a good quality standard).

New car purchase

3. My car dealer says my warranty will be invalid unless I fit the manufacturer’s towbar…

This isn’t true. You have the option to fit a different brand of towbar and, as long as it is Type Approved, this will not invalidate your vehicle’s warranty. European Type Approval regulations were introduced to provide standardised quality and free trade. This means that if an external brand is deemed to be of the same quality as the vehicle manufacturer’s components (i.e. it is Type Approved), then it is entirely safe and legal to use and does not void the vehicle’s warranty.

4. Could I fit my own towbar or is it better to ask a professional?

It is always better to ask a professional, ideally an NTTA accredited fitter as they have greater knowledge and will give you a guarantee. However you can fit the towbar yourself, as long as you have the correct tools/equipment required and good mechanical & electrical knowledge. The towbar needs to be installed according to the fitting instructions provided.

Towbar fitting

5. How long does it take to fit a towbar?

It is dependant on a few factors such as; the type of towbar, the vehicle you have, what style of electrics are being fitted and the experience of the fitter. We can provide you with an accurate time for a towbar being fitted onto your vehicle by contacting us with all of your details if required.

Towbar fitting

6. Do I get fitting instructions with the towbar/electrics?

On towbars, yes you do, all towbars come with full fitting instructions from the manufacturer. Towing Electrics do come with fitting instructions, but due to the nature of vehicle electrics, it is more often than not that you need to test some wires on your vehicle with the correct equipment, more so on universal wiring systems. If you would like a copy of the fitting instructions before you buy or require replacement instructions, please locate the towbar or electrics on our website and click on the ‘Download Fitting Instructions’ link. This will open a PDF document so you can either save or print off as required.

Download PDF Fitting Instructions

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